Liz and Zach in Pyeongnae-Hopyeong Station (the train station near Liz's apartment)

Hello, and welcome to our blog.  Our names are Zach and Liz and we are currently living and       teaching in Namyangju, South Korea.  We hope this will prove to be both informative and entertaining to all our family and friends back in the USA, as well as to other prospective teachers who want to know about living and teaching in South Korea.  Now, a little about both of us…

Zach is from the Chicago suburbs and graduated from the University of Wisconsin with degrees in Biology and East Asian Studies.  He is currently enrolled in a language program at Sogang University.  He spent last year teaching at Songra Middle School in Maseok.  He was responsible for all 1st through 3rd grade (equivalent to 7th through 9th grade in the U.S.).  After studying abroad in Korea for 6 weeks in 2009, Zach fell in love with the country and wanted to return for an extended period of time.  He hopes to improve his Korean language skills and possibly gain experience that will help him with an international career.

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